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Good ReturnsCan you help a small businesswoman in the Asia Pacific with a micro finance loan?

Almost 1 billion people in Asia Pacific live in poverty on less than $1.25 a day.

Good Return offers you the opportunity to make a micro loan to people in Nepal, East Timor and the Philippines needing small loans to build a business and lift themselves out of poverty.

Loans typically vary from as little $75 to $750 and you can lend as little as $25 or all the amount needed.

Good Return offers an innovative and effective way to help end poverty in our region by enabling you to lend through their online lending portal.

Why loan through Good Return?

  • Transparent - For as little as $25, you can choose who you want to loan to, where the money goes, and the results of your loan.
  • Effective - When the loan is repaid, you can choose to lend it over and over again. It means that every dollar lent multiplies to $6.
  • Sustainable - Through local partnerships, Good Return combines the loan with literacy and small business education to empower women and create long term sustainable benefits.
  • Impactful - For every woman supported, this is has an impact on another 5 people in the community.

It's easy to make a difference to the life of someone living in poverty.

Go to the Good Return website and see the people you can help and what they need the funds for to help change their lives. (www.goodreturn.org).

Good Return is an initiative of World Education Australia, an AusAid accredited agency.