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Cloud based accounting – a better business relationship?

Would you like to streamline your accounting process whilst developing a stronger more efficient working relationship with your accountant?

Saasu, our preferred cloud based accounting model will allow us to do just that…….work more closely, more efficiently and more intimately with you and your business!

Cloud based accounting can change the way you do business:

  • Simplify work processes and business systems via integration to many other applications including your web based customer ordering, e-Commerce and CRM.
  • Reduce waste, rework and timely errors by utilizing automatic invoicing and automatic bank feeds.
  • A simple low monthly charge does away with all license fees, yearly subscriptions and ongoing upgrade costs, keeping you and your team up-to-date automatically, all year round (please go to www.saasu.com for a full list of features and pricing).
  • Access business critical information anytime, anywhere via the internet.
  • Eliminate issues with your accountant having one version of the data and you having another – you are both using the same accounting file.

We believe that cloud accounting will provide our clients with more up to date information and streamline business processes. This improved business efficiency will save time, money and effort.


Saasu is an online accounting software company with over 20,000 customers from around the world since 2000. With millions of transactions each year worth billions of dollars Saasu is a market leader in the Software as a Service accounting industry in the Asia Pacific area.

Saasu is a comprehensive online accounting software system for managing business financials. Saasu has capabilities in sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, ecommerce, CRM, point of sale, document and workflow management. Saasu's strong online accounting API enables connection to hundreds of web applications, software products, payment services and banks. For more information visit the Saasu website at www.saasu.com

Please contact Maurice Watson on 9299 2570 if you would like to learn more about cloud accounting.